Using COVID as a Catalyst for Starting a New Cybersecurity Career


Ready to turn adversity into opportunity? Harness the influence of COVID to launch your dream cybersecurity career with confidence.

Discover how COVID-19 transformed a regular chef into a cybersecurity pro, and pave your own path to success with guidance from Nicholas Chia, a certified CompTIA Network+ student.

Nicholas’s journey into cybersecurity started with a thrilling crypto hack that ignited his passion for ethical hacking. Now, he’s all about saving companies big bucks and pushing cybersecurity boundaries.

Prepare to dominate the cyber world with his foolproof strategies for aspiring cyber warriors like you. Crush those nerves, supercharge your knowledge, and become unstoppable in the field. 

And here’s the twist: You don’t have to land your aim job immediately. Start off on the right foot, have faith in the process, and witness yourself heading to success, just like Nicholas went from a food expert to a cyber genius. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Get ready to be blown away by his groundbreaking wisdom as you hit that play button and soak up the knowledge. Tune in and join us on a journey through the Cyber Revolution.

Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • What Drives Nicholas To Become An Ethical Hacker? [2:20]
  • Why He Decided to Pick Cyber Revolution for Training Provider [4:17]
  • How To Harness Cyber For a Career In Hospitality [6:08]
  • The Hidden Benefits of Learning New Skills in Cyber [8:20]
  • Reap The Benefits Of Shifting Beyond Your Comfort Zone [10:27]
  • Cyber Strategies To Achieve True Success [13:02]
  • The Student’s Guide to a Career in Cyber Security [15:08]
  • Nicholas’ Top Strategies To Kickstart Your Cyber Security Career [17:21]


About our Guest

Nicholas Chia – from chef to cybersecurity prodigy. Witness how a pandemic-induced curiosity shaped his destiny, compelling him to become an ethical hacker. Inspired by a former criminal turned network fortifier, Nicholas’s passion for cybersecurity knows no bounds. Now, with a coveted certified CompTIA Network+ recognition, Nicholas’ future booms bright, showcasing the power of determination and support in carving a truly remarkable path. 


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