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Our mission is to make Australia a safer place by helping close the skills gap in cyber security. We do this by giving our students the right practical skills to prepare them for the workforce, resulting in successful placement into exciting cyber roles with our employment partners.

Last year alone we helped hundreds of students realise their potential and land a new role in cyber security.

You can too!

Average salaries range between $118,000 and $247,000.

From Financial Advisor to Cyber Professional in just 8 months!

Meet Ian – Ian Reader

Ian was a financial advisor for years, unfortunately he was in a serious accident that forced him to look for work in a new industry. He was always interested in tech but had no formal training and needed something that would allow him to work from home. Listen to Ian tell his story about how he transitioned from the finance space and into cyber security in just 8 months. Ian is now a Security Administration Officer for the NSW Government.

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Inspiring 10 year journey to get into cyber security!

Meet Suman Yadav

Suman has always had a passion for IT and cyber security, first starting her journey 10 years ago when she started her Bachelors in Computer Engineering. But just like many others, lack of opportunity and other commitments get in the way. So Suman started working in a dental practice and now all these years later is working as an Associate Consultant for Australia’s fastest growing cyber security company, CyberCX!

From Chef to Cyber in just 9 months!

Meet Christian Monoach

Like many people in the hospitality industry, Christian’s work and livelihood was instantly affected by covid. Reduced hours and the constant feeling of uncertainty led him to take action and pursue one of his other passions in cyber security. Christian now works as a Service Desk Analyst and is well on his way to forging a long career in cyber security.

No previous training or experience to IT professional!

Meet Haritha Chintalapudi

Coming from a recruitment and administration background Haritha had no IT skills or experience. She wanted to start a new career in a booming industry and now works as an IT Support Analyst!

From Concretor to Cyber

Meet James Lienesch

James has always been the IT guy for his friends and family but never had any form of training or qualifications. He has now been a student with us for 7 months now and is really hitting his stride. He is currently working in construction and is well on his way to starting his new career in cyber security.

Cyber Security Analyst at PWC in just 8 months!

Meet Hernek Singh

Hernek came to us after he had spent the last year looking for his first cyber security role. He had completed a Masters in Cyber Security but was just struggling to find any opportunities. Fast forward 8 months and he is now a Cyber Security Analyst for PWC!

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From Water Technician to Cyber Security

Meet Fredrick De May

Fred is a lifelong learner that has always been interested in the IT and cyber space. His end goal is to be able to work from anywhere in the world, specifically Bali. This is why the CompTIA certifications were perfect for him as they are recognised across the globe.

International student lands her first full time role in Australia!

Meet Gayathri Ramachandran

Gayathri came to us struggling to find work as she is an international student on a visa. Fast forward 8 months and she has now landed a full time role as a software developer!

Stay at home Mum with an 8 year job gap lands a cyber security role!

Meet Namratha Kashyap

Namratha came to us as she was ready to start a new career after having an 8 year break to look after her young children. She joined our Job Placement Program and 9 months later she is off and running in her new career!

From HR to Cybersecurity professional in 9 months!

Meet Gil Yahalom

Gil now works as a Security Cloud Specialist for CyberCX!

From Dentist to Cybersecurity professional in 8 months!

Meet Sasan Azimi

Sas had to change careers due to a chronic back injury. Some of his clients were in cybersecurity and he thought it sounded cool. So he joined our placement program and was just offered his first role in the industry!

From sales to cybersecurity!

Meet Delany Abbott

Del is an incredibly hard worker that has completed her certifications and is now job ready! Here she tells her story on how this happened.

From the Army to Cybersecurity!

Meet Tim Jensen

Tim wanted a change of pace but also wanted something that still serves his country. 8 months after joining the job placement program he has been offered multiple cybersecurity roles at massive companies like Boeing, Sekuro and the Australian Government.

From Disability worker to Cybersecurity professional in 7 months!

Meet Francis

Francis was a care worker for 6 years and now works as a Cybersecurity Analyst within the ACT Government.

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