About Us

Cyber Revolution was founded with the clear purpose of closing the widening cyber security skills gap, through the education and placement of skilled professionals. By doing so, we make digital Australia a safer place.

Our offerings are based on three key pillars:

  • Online education through preferred learning styles, resulting in globally recognised certification;
  • Dedicated student support; and
  • Career placement.

We have partnered with global industry-leading experts to provide the highest standard in learning and accreditation. We work with employers of choice to help our students earn placements in the Australian cyber security market.

The Founder’s Story

Education underpins the future prosperity of Australia, and cybersecurity training is at the top of the list of required skills over the next decade. Cyber Revolution provides opportunities for people to learn and get jobs in the fastest growing part of our economy – technology.

It was the strong belief in life-long learning that convinced Dorus van den Biezenbos to establish Cyber Revolution. Dorus, originally from the Netherlands, studied and worked across France, Spain, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Australia. He was always inspired by the variety of work his management consulting career offered him.

After starting his own business in executive coaching and digital transformation, Dorus realised the fulfilment of “doing what you love” as an entrepreneur. It is that sense of empowerment and being the “master of his own destiny” that he would like to pass on to Cyber Revolution’s students.

In every career, technology advancements have constantly disrupted how people work and have created opportunities for those willing to have a go. Providing online education for people wanting to create careers, or change direction, or advance themselves, is the bedrock of Cyber Revolution. Helping students’ study and get certified is part of the service. Finding jobs for people means Cyber Revolution has succeeded in contributing to the community.

Dorus Founder

Out of every 10 advertised cyber security roles, only 2 get filled