The cybersecurity skills gap is only getting bigger and is set to hit 30,000 new cybersecurity professionals required to enter the industry in 4 years! Now is the time to get into this booming industry!

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Why Cyber Revolution?

We are Australia’s only dedicated Cybersecurity training and placement company. We are the leading specialists in this space.

Cyber Revolution provides world-leading content and pro-active student support. We facilitate the placement of students in a cyber security career pathway by partnering with employers of choice and niche cyber security recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cyber Revolution Legit?
How to Get Into Cybersecurity?
Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?
How to Learn Cybersecurity?
What is an Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job?
Is Cyber Revolution Legit?

The phrase “Cyber Revolution” frequently describes the swift advancements and changes in technology, especially in the digital and cyber worlds. It emphasises the revolutionary effects of digital technology on industries, society, and national security as a valid idea. 

If this phrase is used in a different context, such as in reference to a particular program or initiative, it is crucial to conduct in-depth research and obtain reliable reviews in order to confirm the initiative’s contents and legitimacy.

How to Get Into Cybersecurity?

Getting into cybersecurity typically starts with education and training. Interested individuals should focus on gaining a strong foundational knowledge of IT, network systems, and basic security principles. 

It is strongly advised to obtain certifications, such as CompTIA Security+, since they offer recognised credentials that may help open doors to entry-level jobs. Additionally priceless is practical experience, which may be obtained through volunteer work on IT projects or internships.

Is Cybersecurity a Good Career?

Yes, there are a number of reasons why a job in cybersecurity is thought to be very fulfilling:

  • The gratification of being a key player in data and information system protection is provided by this sector.
  • Cybersecurity professionals often enjoy attractive salary packages and benefits.
  • The sector is known for rapid career progression opportunities, thanks to the growing demand for skilled professionals in the face of increasing cyber threats.
How to Learn Cybersecurity?

Learning cybersecurity involves a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Prospective cybersecurity professionals should:

  • Start with foundational courses covering software, networking, security, analytics, and system administration.
  • Expand expertise by pursuing more specialised certifications and training. They can be obtained via a range of channels, such as online courses, career training, and academic programmes.
  • Utilise theoretical knowledge in practical settings through projects, labs, and simulations.

At Cyber Revolution, we offer courses for starters, accelerators, and experts. Contact us to enroll based on your skill level — so you can enhance your cyber skills and grow with the industry.

What is an Entry-Level Cybersecurity Job?

A basic grasp of IT and cybersecurity principles is usually required for entry-level cybersecurity employment; prior experience is not a major requirement. Security administrator, incident responder, and Tier 1 SOC analyst are a few of the popular entry-level jobs in the industry. 

These positions include keeping an eye out for security breaches on networks, handling incidents, and putting in place fundamental security measures.Basic certifications and a strong understanding of IT systems are essential for these positions.

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