Unwrapping the Best of 2023’s Cyber Revolution Podcast


As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome the new year, join me on a quick journey through the Cyber Revolution Podcast’s top 5 moments. From inspiring career shifts to a mum’s awe-inspiring journey, these stories have made our podcast special. So, let’s relive the highlights that shaped our year!

Ben’s story serves as a powerful motivator, reminding us that every career change is within reach. Listen or watch the full ep here:

Michael’s incredible 90-day hustle is a testament to the transformative power of hard work—aim high and watch your dreams unfold! Listen or watch the full ep here:

Following Josh’s wise advice to seize opportunities could be your key to carving a successful path in cybersecurity. Listen or watch the full ep here:

Amin drops a game-changer with the Network Plus Cert—potentially boosting your career by $20k. Listen or watch the full ep here:

Shintal’s awe-inspiring journey, from immigrant mom to mastering cybersecurity, is a living testament to the belief that hard work truly pays off. Listen or watch the full ep here:

As you unwind over the break, envision the possibilities that lie ahead in 2024. Get ready for more exciting insights and cool stuff on the Cyber Revolution Podcast.

Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • Celebrating a Year of Cybersecurity Insights [0:04]
  • Revisit the Top 5 Most Inspiring in Cyber Revolution [1:35]
  • Ben’s Story From Zero ICT Skills to a Cyber Professional [1:52]
  • Michael’s 90-Day Cybersecurity Achievement [6:25]
  • Josh on Breaking Through Career Mediocrity [11:19]
  • Arman’s $20,000 Salary Jump with Cyber Certification [16:13]
  • From Mum to Cyber Pro: Shintal’s Route [21:22]
  • Wrapping up 2023 and Looking Forward to 2024 [26:29]


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