Unconventional Routes to Cyber: Thriving Beyond Traditional Career Paths


Level up YOUR tech career. Unveiling an EXCLUSIVE Path to Cybersecurity Success!

Look no further. This podcast episode featuring Lachlan, Cyber Revolution’s seasoned Career Consultant, is the definitive solution to propel your ambitions forward. 

Gear up for groundbreaking insights, real success stories, and THREE transformative secrets that’ll shape your cybersecurity journey. The breakthrough you’ve been seeking is here! 

Whether you’re a teacher, builder, or tech enthusiast, a transition to cybersecurity could redefine your professional journey. 

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Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • How Lachlan Crafted a Seamless Career Shift From Nanotechnology [1:12]
  • Career Changes in Cybersecurity Anchored by Transferable Skills [5:53]
  • Strategies for Long-term Success and Advancement In Cyber [11:22]
  • How He Leads Career Changes in Cybersecurity [13:56]
  • Guidance on Career Development and Placement for Aspiring Professionals [18:41]
  • Roadmap for Upskilling in Preparation for Thriving Careers in Cybersecurity [23:05]


About our Guest

Lachlan, a seasoned career consultant at Cyber Revolution, has a vision for making cybersecurity accessible. He shifted from a technical background to coaching and now guides people into cybersecurity careers. He believes success in this field is about learning and being open to change. Lachlan helps break down the entry process, shares success stories, and values honesty in helping others find their fit in cybersecurity.


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