Tips For The Ambitious: Cybersecurity Career Progression


Looking to break into the field of cybersecurity but feeling stuck with zero experience? It’s time to take charge and kickstart your journey today! 

Be ambitious, be proactive, and don’t let anything hold you back. Your dream career awaits!

Introducing Michael Harris, the cybersecurity trailblazer who’s here to spill the secrets of this rapidly growing field. His journey highlights a crucial truth – entering the cybersecurity industry isn’t a one-step process. 

So, are you ready to seize the incredible opportunities waiting for you in cybersecurity? This episode is your ticket to securing an exciting entry-level role in this dynamic industry. 

Go ahead, hit that play button, and let the Cyber Revolution take you to new heights. We’re here to support you every step of the way! So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for a podcast adventure like no other, and let’s dive into the future of cybersecurity together. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • How Michael Became An Electrician [02:18]
  • Michael’s Story Behind His Cybersecurity Career [03:47]
  • Is A Career Change Worth It? Here’s What You Need To Know [06:10]
  • Maximizing Career Growth By Exploiting These Tips [8:17]
  • BEST Entry-Level Cybersecurity Traits to Look For [10:31]
  • The Essential Training Plan in Cybersecurity Career [13:02]
  • Cybersecurity Workplace Skills vs. Academic Knowledge [15:07]
  • WHY You Should Start Your Journey In Cybersecurity [16:56]
  • Right Questions To Ask in Cybersecurity Career [19:33]


About our Guest

Meet Josh Lyons, the senior career consultant at Cyber Revolution. He’s the man with a mission – helping people’s transition into the exciting world of cybersecurity. With his firsthand insight into the market, he knows why this booming industry is attracting so much attention. Josh looks for problem-solvers and decisive individuals during interviews. Their team is dedicated to your success, not just to take your money and leave you hanging. They’re in it for the long haul. 


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