Peak Hiring Season is Coming! (Throwback)


Seize the moment as Peak Hiring Season approaches! Take the plunge, start now, and make 2024 the year you shine in the world of cybersecurity

Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your future in this dynamic field with Anthony, a partnership manager. As the cybersecurity industry gears up for its busiest hiring period in January-February. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, now is the prime moment to position yourself for success. Acquire the skills, certifications, and insider insights that will set you apart. 

Worried about lacking certifications or a specific skill set? Fear not – Anthony is here to drop truth bombs and guide you on the path to success. The opportunity is knocking, and the time to answer is now.

Ready to dive into the cyber-verse? Tune in to our podcast, where we unveils the keys to success in the cybersecurity industry. 

The future of your cybersecurity career begins now – don’t let it slip away.

Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • Navigating Peak Hiring: Insights from an Industry Expert [0:00]
  • Understanding the Peak Hiring Season in Cybersecurity [2:20]
  • Making a Career Change and Landing the Right Job [6:58]
  • Addressing Cybersecurity Skills and Gender Diversity [11:10]
  • Explore Cybersecurity Career Paths and Certifications [16:14]
  • Accelerate Your Career with Cybersecurity Placement Programs [20:32]


About our Guest

Anthony is the Partnerships Manager at Cyber Revolution, where he plays a crucial role in helping people step into cybersecurity careers. Workload involves working with placement partners to make sure individuals can smoothly transition into entry-level roles. He is all about filling the cybersecurity skills gap, showing his commitment to helping many people join the industry. Known for being proactive and insightful, encouraging everyone to grab opportunities in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.


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