How to SURVIVE in the Evolving Cybersecurity Industry


Unleash the power of mastering technical jargon, conquering encryption, and excelling in client-facing roles.

Get ready to meet the incredible Ben Wallis, a standout student of Cyber Revolution who knows the secrets to success in the cybersecurity field. 

Join us as he shares his journey from initial training to becoming a sought-after cybersecurity consultant. He emphasizes the importance of adaptability across diverse sectors and reveals how soft skills from a recruitment background can turbocharge your cybersecurity career.

Ready to level up your game? Tune in and take advantage of this exclusive interview with Ben, where he spills all the must-know insights and secrets to thriving in the ever-growing cybersecurity industry. Your path to cybersecurity success begins here.

Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • How To Launch a Successful Career in Cybersecurity [1:58]
  • Ace a Cybersecurity Interview & Land That Dream Job [5:20]
  • The Value of Life-long Learning in Cybersecurity [9:16]
  • Networking That Stands As The Key To Success In Cybersecurity [13:44]
  • An In-Depth Guide to Understand the Growing Field of Cybersecurity [16:02]


About our Guest

Ben Wallis embodies resilience and success in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. From a humble start as a student at a dedicated cybersecurity training institute, Cyber Revolution, he became a cyber consultant. He is a testament to the power of determination and adaptability in a constantly changing field.


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