Cyber Revolution, Student Review – Saul


Embark on a profound exploration with Cyber Revolution Student Review as Saul’s story unfolds, challenging preconceptions and sparking contemplation on the transformative power of education.

Join Saul, a former chef turned Cybersecurity professional, as he provides insights into the essential qualities for success in the industry. 

Discover the challenges and opportunities of transitioning into cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of specialized certifications for personal and professional growth. 

Whether contemplating a career change or aiming to boost your cybersecurity skills, this podcast is your invaluable guide. Tune in for concise and actionable insights from Saul’s journey in the Cyber Revolution.

Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • Saul’s Big Change From Hotels to Cybersecurity [0:38]
  • Switching Jobs and Learning Cybersecurity Basics [4:31]
  • How Hard It Is to Succeed in Cyber Jobs [7:11]
  • Smart Ways to Study and Learn In Cyber [11:47]
  • Getting Better: Cybersecurity Certificates and Personal Growth [15:50]
  • Real Jobs Stories in Cybersecurity with New Grads [18:17]


About our Guest

Saul, a former chef with 15 years of culinary experience, has smoothly transitioned into the field of cybersecurity as a student at Cyber Revolution. Demonstrating resilience and a proactive learning approach, Saul embodies traits such as determination and adaptability. His journey highlights a commitment to continuous personal and professional development, emphasizing the significance of persistence, effective preparation, and the courage to embrace a transformative career change.


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