Breaking Barriers For Women in Cybersecurity


Are you looking for an exciting, challenging career that empowers you to make a real impact?

Then get ready to take charge of your cyber destiny and join the revolution that’s breaking barriers for women in cybersecurity!

Meet Jennifer Chua, a determined and passionate woman who was once working in HR administration. Her life took an unexpected turn when she became a victim of a cybersecurity incident at Optus. Rather than letting fear and frustration, instead of feeling defeated, she decided to rise above the challenge and explore the vast possibilities of diving into the cybersecurity realm.

But this is not just about Jennifer’s victory; it’s about you too. The Cyber Revolution podcast is your ticket to a world of inspiration and possibility.

Tune in and listen to Jennifer’s incredible journey. Let her story ignite a fire within you, reminding you that you too can challenge the status quo and carve a path for yourself in this dynamic industry.

Stay curious, stay courageous, and together, let’s shatter those barriers and make our mark in the cybersecurity landscape.

Episode Highlights:

  • Welcome to The Cyber Revolution Podcast [00:00]
  • What Made Jennifer Take the Leap in Cyber World [2:00]
  • How Jennifer Landed The Perfect Role in Cybersecurity [3:51]
  • Get the Inside Scoop on Her Success Story [6:03]
  • Sparkling the Cyber with a Sensational Final Interview [8:15]
  • INSIDE Story of How a Woman in Cyber Succeeded with SUPPORT [10:31]
  • Why You Should DIVE Into The Growing Cybersecurity Community [13:04]
  • Is the Cyber World Right For You? Tips For Students Changing Careers [15:36]
  • How Jennifer Went From Novice to Cybersecurity Professional [18:03]


About our Guest

Jennifer Chua successfully transitioned from HR administration to cybersecurity. As a proud member of Cyber Revolution’s all-female cohort, Jennifer’s open-mindedness and eagerness to take on a new career path allowed her to secure a role in the governance and strategy division. She dares you to explore the countless pathways and endless opportunities cybersecurity offers. 


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