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Sean Arthur

Senior Career Advisor, Expertise in IT Managed Services
Sean is a seasoned IT professional with over 8 years of experience in the industry. Joining the Cyber Revolution team recently, Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. With a passion for guiding individuals towards successful careers in cyber security, he is committed to leveraging his experience to support students in embarking on their educational journey.

Zac Penzes

Senior Career Advisor
Zac has been working with the Cyber Revolution team for over a year now and has a burning passion for helping people. If he isn’t going on runs with his handsome dog, he is supporting our students to change their lives for the better whilst also fueling the mission to make Australia more cyber secure.

David Triplett

Senior Career Advisor
David has a passion for helping people change their lives by transitioning into a better career in Cyber Security.

Scott Orbuck

Senior Career Advisor
Scott Orbuck is a Senior Career Advisor at Cyber Revolution, with a track record of assisting hundreds of individuals in making successful transitions into cybersecurity. His passion lies in helping people reach their potential and understanding that they are capable of much more than they believe.

Brody Galletti

Senior Career Advisor, Expertise in Sales
Brody is a highly curious individual who invests 100% of himself and is passionate about self-education and becoming the best version of himself. Brody is driven to help people uncover what they really want in their careers and to be an advocate in helping them achieve those goals.

Jake Clapson

Senior Career Advisor, Expertise in Sales
Jake has extensive experience working as a Senior Career Advisor for Cyber Revolution, assisting over 200 students change their careers and the trajectory of their lives by helping them land higher paying, more flexible and more fulfilling roles. Jake is a big advocate of career progression and is always there to help those who want to grow.

Lachlan McFall

Senior Career Advisor
Once Lachlan finished his Bachelor of Nanotechnology, he decided he wanted to use his passion for progress and innovation to help others make a change in their lives. He has been a part of the Cyber Revolution team for 2 years now being one of the top performers when it comes to changing Australia’s cyber security¬† space for the better. And he’ll continue to do so as long as others are willing to make that change.